What is "Electroshock"?

"Electroshock" is the only studio in Russia, which propagandizes and popularizes the most interesting genres of modern serious music such as chamber, electronic, electroacoustic, experimental and avant-garde one today.

"Electroshock" is a worldwide known record label which produces CDs of Russian and foreign composers who work in the styles of electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, avant-garde or modern chamber music.

"Electroshock" is a worldwide known PR agency that works with composers and musicians who are concerned with the above-mentioned genres of modern music.

"Electroshock" is the only organization, which is a full member of the Russian Association of Electroacoustic Music in UNESCO.

The classic of the XXI century that is how electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, avant-garde and modern chamber music is called in the world. It's taken interest in and is paid money for, it's studied and it's admired, it's sponsored and worked on, it is listened by famous people. It is something that attracts attention all over the world and is going to attract even more in the future. The fact that more than 368 big and 500 small international festivals, symposiums and conferences dedicated to that layer of this modern art are annually held in the world is speaking for itself. We, the creative group of the studio "Electroshock", are interested in this layer of the modern art of music because it is the most flexible of all the forms, kinds, genres and art phenomena in general. It can integrate ballet and plastic arts, installation and cinematography, poetry and painting, music and modern technology.

The studio "Electroshock" has released six musical solo projects by the composer Artemiy Artemiev. These are "The Warning" 1993 (ELCD 001), "Cold" 1995 (ELCD 002), "Point Of Intersection" 1997 (ELCD 003), "Five Mystery Tales Of Asia" 1998 (ELCD 007), "Mysticism Of Sound" 1999 (ELCD 009) and "Forgotten Themes" 2000 (ELCD 017). All six CDs have a great success in the west and have caused a great interest to the modern Russian musical culture. Up to now Edward Artemiev has been the only Russian composer working in the style of electronic and alectroacoustic music who has been known in the west. Now Artemiy Artemiev's name has started appearing on the pages of newspapers abroad as well as the name of his famous father and his compositions from the CDs released by the studio "Electroshock" have become popular on the radiostations of USA, Canada, Germany, Finland, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Poland, Croatia and Portugal.

In 1997 "Electroshock" started producing the CD-series named "Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music". Six CD-compilations have been already released: "Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music. Vol.I (Russia)" 1997 (ELCD 004/005), " Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music. Vol. II" 1998 (ELCD 006), "Vol. III" 1999 (ELCD 010), "Vol. IV" 1999 (ELCD 011), "Vol. V" 2000 (ELCD 013) and "Vol. VI" 2000 (ELCD 020). The first volume which includes two CDs consists of compositions by Russian composers, members of the Russian Association for the Electroacoustic Music (UNESCO) who work in the genre of electronic and electroacoustic music: Edward Artemiev, Stanislav Kreichi, Vladimir Komarov, Andrey Rodionov, Artiom Vasiliev, Taras Buevsky, Vladimir Nikolaev, Artemiy Artemiev. Volumes II and III as well as V and VI present compositions of the famous composers who experiment in the above-named genres of serious modern music: Clair Laronde (France), Charles Kriel (UK), Christopher Andrew Arrell (USA), John Palmer (UK), Jukka Ruohomaki (Finland), Richard Bone (USA), Martin Alejandro Fumarola (Argentina), Pete Stollery (UK), Rudiger Gleisberg (Germany), Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi (Argentina), Hans Joachim Roedelius (Austria), Peeter Vahi (Estonia), Anatoly Pereslegin (Russia), Dieter Moebius (Germany), Francesco Galante (Italy), Antanas Jasenka (Lithuania), Adolfo Nunez (Spain), Carey Nutman (UK), Jorge Antunes (Brazil), group Karda Estra (UK) and Christopher De Laurenti (USA).

At the end of November 1999 the studio "Electroshock" produced the CD of Edward Artemiev's music "The Odyssey. Original Soundtrack" (with original music for the movie by the famous director Andrey Konchalovsky "Odyssey") 1998 (ELCD 008). The Russian studio "Electroshock" became the first Russian record label in the history of American cinematographic business that won the tender and got an official contract for this CD production. In October 1999 the studio "Electroshock" produced the CD of Edward Artemiev "Solaris, Mirror, Stalker" (music for the movies by the famous director Andrey Tarkovsky) 1999 (ELCD 012) and in November 2000 studio "Electroshock Records" produced the third CD of the maitre "A Book of Impressions" 2000 (ELCD 018).

Also in November 2000 "Electroshock" released two projects of Russian composers who experiment in the genre of electronic music. These are:

1. The first solo CD of the famous composer, engineer and the keeper of a legendary synthesizer ANS Stanislav Kreitchi "ANSiana" 2000 (ELCD 016);

2. The first musical solo project of the talented Moscow composer Anatoly Pereslegin "Download the God" 2000 (ELCD 019).

Since 1999 "Electroshock" has started producing archive records related to the genre of electroacoustic music. At the end of 1999 the studio produced a CD with the compilation "Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music. Vol. IV. Archive Records - ANS (1964-1971)" 1999 (ELCD 011). This CD presents the work by Russian composers Edward Artemiev, Sofia Gubaidulina, Edison Denisov, Alfred Shnitke, Oleg Buloshkin, Alexander Nemtin, Stanislav Kreitchi, Shandor Kallosh which were composed and performed on the first Russian synthesizer ANS (abbreviation of the initials A. N. Skryabin) created by the well known Russian scientist Eugeniy Murzin.

In December 1999 "Electroshock" was given a reward for the "best archive record of the year" by the Canadian radiostation "CFLX. FM 95.5" (program "Delire Actuel") for the CD "Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music. Vol. IV. Archive Records - ANS (1964-1971)" 1999 (ELCD 011).

In February 2000 "Electroshock" produced two musical co-projects of Artemiy Artemiev where his works with famous composers and musicians Peter Frohmader (Germany) "Space Icon" 2000 (ELCD 015) and Phillip B. Klingler (PBK) (USA) "Dreams in Moving Space" 2000 (ELCD 014) are presented.


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